Tabletop wargaming in 50 years – where will the journey go?

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In the beginning was the tin soldier

It started with tin soldiers to train officers in military academies. Today we play in fantastic worlds for entertainment. The technical and creative aspects were refined and developed further. What will our hobby look like in 50 years?

Technology is coming

The game is already receiving digital support today. Character management on the mobile device, LED lighting in the field and even flat screens already installed in the gaming table. Technological development is rapid.
The growing community of YouTubers is one of them. In this way, the hobby becomes better known, supported by modern and above all digital communication channels.

Autonomous robots as game characters

Is it only a matter of time before the game itself is played using digital technology. The subheading describes my vision. Will there ever be miniatures that are small robots that move independently across the field? Maybe even equipped with an AI that enables them to make their own strategic decisions. You can use your cell phone or something similar. Orders are placed, and then the chief robot assembles a small unit and uses it to fulfill the order.
Will the “real” Spacemarine come who surrounds the Necrons with his people, calculates losses etc. etc.?

What do you think? How will the game change? Is there also a danger that the hobby community will split up into the “conservatives” with dicers and plastic minis and the hi-tech people who then only use computers to send their hi-tech warriors to battle?

I am looking forward to your opinions.

Picture: Jonathan Baker-Bates, CC-BY 2.0,

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This post is also available in: Deutsch (German)

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